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I lie.. a lot. But about myself. I lie about how I am and if I am ok, that’s why I have to be alone all the time. I am falling apart at the seems and even though on the outside I look perfectly ok.. I think one of my friends noticed because she asked if everything was ok, but truly I am just falling apart. I am falling deeper and deeper into the drugs and nothing is bringing me back up. I can’t stay strong forever, but I will keep fighting even though I don’t have much energy left.

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Do you ever just wish it didn’t matter. Like everything you did was just a something, which was part of a whole, but it didn’t hurt a single soul. Not even yourself. The pain wouldn’t exist because what you did, didn’t have a rhyme nor reason. Overall your life would be full of surprises and happiness? But it wouldn’t.. Because everything you do doesn’t have a reason.. I guess the point is, even though life sucks most of the time.. There’s a reason for the good and the bad. You just have to roll with the punches babe. You got this.

You make me happy when skies are grey⛅
These moments 💕
Selfies with the little broder💕 #missedhim  (at Our Car Rides Tho😂)
Hotel Beds💕 (at Best Western)
I would really dig an ice cream date right now🍦
Sisters && Best Friends🌸  #wcw #ΑΦ (at Bonfire🔥)